Media Rating Service

Real-Time Media Rating Service
Instantly detect nudity, pornography and provocative content in images


vRate is a media rating service from Mindboard Holdings Inc and was founded in 2009 with a vision of protecting teens and children from exposure to pornography and inappropriate content.


Within the wider scope of real-time media rating, vRate overcame what traditional internet filters have failed at, by applying cutting edge technologies, comprehensive methodologies combining DNN, blacklist filtering, content classifiers in real time media through its freely available browser plugins.

  • To date, Chrome Browser Extension had over 2800+ customer downloads across the globe with 4.8 STAR ratings.
  • vRate‚Äôs Services have been offered as economically priced Media Rating API for large scale adoption by application developers.

vRate laid foundations for its successor Masala.AI, in its effective and scalable delivery of DNN models for high accuracy image rating as well as problems involving broader classification, rating and moderation of media.